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Twitter Becoming Invaluable in Promotion of Blogs, Sites, Online Businesses


twitterTips for Gaining Followers

Your Twitter profile can be extremely important as a part of your marketing strategy, and you might choose to buy Twitter followers.  Gaining followers is one of the most important ways to get your message out there.  In order to gain new followers in addition to purchased followers, employ some or all of the following strategies:

  • Use a phenomenal photo – Your profile photo is the “face” of your Twitter profile.  Using an interesting photo will draw attention to your profile, as it is the first thing anyone who is browsing through prospective “tweeters” in order to find new ones to follow will see.  Choose a photo that is dynamic and eye-catching.  You should also change your profile photo from time to time to keep it interesting and relevant.
  • Write an interesting biography – Your biography is short, only a few lines.  It should be succinct and well thought out.  You only have a few words to inspire followers, so use them wisely!  You might mention some of the topics that you’re likely to tweet about or you might choose to build mystery and allure with coy phrasing.
  • Tweet interesting and newsworthy items regularly – Great tweets lead to lots of retweets.  Retweets are one of the best ways to spread your message.  Thought-provoking and interesting material is more likely to be retweeted, especially if you’ve decided to buy Twitter followers.  These new followers will retweet your items if they’ll appeal to that follower’s circle.
  • Hashtags are your friend – Choose your hashtags wisely.  These tags help followers to find other relevant tweets about certain topics.  Putting a little thought into how your hashtags can work better for you can pay off big in the long run.
  • Don’t get too “promotional” – Twitter can be a powerful marketing tool, but followers may lose interest if every tweet you post has to do with promoting your blog, site or business.
  • Follow other Twitter users – Take the time to peruse the Twitter users out there.  Once you find a good match in hobbies or interests, follow them.  They’ll most likely follow you back, increasing your audience exponentially as their followers begin to find out about you, too.


In Conclusion

Remember that it’s important to stay engaged with your followers.  The use of social media as a marketing tool is relatively new and Twitter is gaining popularity in that arena.  Taking advantage of the phenomenal opportunities afforded by social networking requires an understanding of the platform and its inner workings.  Gaining followers on Twitter can help boost traffic to your site or business and can increase readership of your blog, but it’s essential to take care of them once you have them.  Many followers will fall away if you don’t keep their interest and they might take a few of your other followers with them!  Should you decide to buy Twitter followers, it’s still important to take a long, hard look at the above strategies for gaining followers; you never know, the smallest change can make the biggest difference!


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Building an Instagram Following Can Help Promote Business


instagram-followerGetting Started

In the growing world of social media, you may be wondering how to get Instagram likes. Instagram has accrued a following of over one hundred million users; considering that it is only officially available on a few platforms, that is quite an amazing achievement. Due to its popularity, Instagram is quickly growing to become the premier photo and video sharing platform on the internet. Getting started on Instagram is fast and easy, and use of the platform can help to greatly increase your exposure in the social networking world.


Building a Following

There are several strategies that can be employed to help build your following on Instagram. These methods will help you buy Instagram likes and followers, thereby increasing your exposure and visibility to an ever-growing audience. Take note of these simple strategies and put Instagram to work for you:

  • Upload only the cream of your photographic crop – It is the simplest rule, and likely the hardest to follow. Taking gorgeous pictures is the one Cardinal Rule of attaining Instagram popularity. Your skill in photography or videography is going to be the staple of your Instagram fame and it’s important to remember that gaining followers and likes is mostly dependent on the quality of your submissions.
  • Don’t overload the upload – When submitting photos or videos to Instagram, it is important not to submit too many at once. Making several smaller submission groups will give users a chance to see all of your uploads, instead of taking the chance of your followers missing a mass submission or getting mad because you’ve overwhelmed their stream.
  • Stay away from mundane subjects – Striking photos don’t often come from mundane subject matter. A great photo or video is typically out of the ordinary and encompasses a side of things that most don’t (or can’t) see. Composition and content are very important.
  • Use the tools provided – Instagram has a number of tools to help you keep up with what’s hot and what’s not. The “Popular” tab is especially useful as it allows you to see what is making waves at the time. This is not to say that you should take ideas from others, but more that there are some specific trends that play out in the “Popular” section. These typically include a bold use of color, interesting angles or striking contrast.
  • Follow those you admire – Being a follower of someone who makes gorgeous submissions is useful in that you’re going to find great pictures, inspiration and perhaps, a follower of your own. Make sure you’re following someone whose work you admire. Don’t follow a bunch of random users and hope to build your following that way. Be choosy!


The Final Word

Building a following on Instagram can help you promote your own brand or business. Your Instagram account can grow quickly if you follow these suggestions, helping you to gain a wider audience. Learning how to get Instagram likes is important to growing the popularity of your submissions and your business.

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